Hypertrophy Explained

Hypertrophy Explained (muscle growth) goes into detail on how muscle grows with resistance training. Today’s video also equips you with key tips to ensure your long-term hypertrophy. No matter where you’re at one your fitness journey, you’re well equipped with hypertrophy explained properly.

How To Do A Lat Pulldown Properly

How To Do A Lat Pulldown Properly is a fundamental back exercise. Unfortunately, there are many people who demonstrate improper form when attempting to do a lat pulldown properly. Today’s video goes over how to do a lat pulldown properly, and safely, so that you can perform this exercise confidently at any gym!


Check out the benefits of cable machine exercises at: https://dailyfitboost.com/different-equipment-different-goals-cables/

How To Get Back In The Gym

How To Get Back In The Gym after taking time off is not a easy task – but no worries I got you covered! In today’s video I provide 3 step-by-step fundamental tips on how to get back in the gym that will help build your confidence! The key is a sustainable fitness journey is a solid foundation and routine to help get you back in the gym.

Riding Momentum To Your Goals! (#29)

Often times when we want to get started on a huge task (let say, losing weight) it’s very easy to get hung up on how long things will take. The term “paralysis by analysis” is a phenomena that occurs when one over-analyzes a situation to the point of not taking any action (eg. “what happens if I don’t lose any weight after 3 months?”). The reality is, you wont know what results you’ll have 3 months from now until you take today’s first step.


Therefore, the focus of today’s Monday Boost is to spur you into action by simply taking that first step!


“The Reason We Don’t Get Started”


One component that keeps us from getting started is the psychological mechanism known as the “fight or flight” response. In short: Fear and anxiety causes us not to take a first step due to protecting one’s self. As a result, we never give ourselves the opportunity to grow and try something new (Note: This is also the environment in which the skill of procrastination, another fear-based mechanism, takes place).


“So How Can I Get Out of this Fear-Based Over-Analyzing and Procrastination Emmanuel?!”


Have you ever jogged down a slanted road, or slowly rode a bike downhill? The force that begins to “carry you” moments later is called MOMENTUM! This is exactly what I want for your fitness journey!



The key is: All momentum starts with one small step in the right direction.



And another step.



And then another.



Before you know it, all these small daily steps (momentum) you’ve built over time begins carrying you to you goal! See how simple that is?


Take another look at the image for this post. I started with a light jog downhill and by the time this photo was snapped I was almost nearing full stride!


Now it’s YOUR turn:


Let go of any missed opportunities in the past by recognizing that procrastination is something that most people struggle with (myself included). Make a decision today to take small, tiny steps towards your goal each day and let’s ride that wave of momentum together!


Key Takeaways:

  • Over-analyzing leads to inactivity
  • All it takes is one step small step to get momentum started
  • Momentum is a collection of small steps over time

Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Daryl Santos (Episode #29)

Or Listen/Download:


This Episode is especially for you if you:

  • need a motivating “push”,
  • want to lose weight,
  • are frustrated along your fitness journey,
  • want to change your eating style



A SPECIAL THANKS: To Daryl for coming on and sharing how he’s overcoming his fitness frustrations! 💪🏾💪🏾*Edit [27:08]: The name of the person Daryl would like to meet and have dinner with is Dale Carnegie, who is the author of the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People


Tips For Getting Back In The Gym

Tips For Getting Back In The Gym are for those who are ready to make a change of direction in the fitness lives! Today’s video provides step-by-step tips for getting back in the gym after taking time off. The first place to start is figuring out the type of person you want to be. These motivation tips for getting back in the gym will equip with lifelong tools along your fitness journey!

How To Do Lunges For Beginners

How To Do Lunges For Beginners is a fundamental video for beginners to learn how to do a proper lunge. Today’s video breaks down each step in this leg exercise, and also offers an alternative on how to do lunges for beginners specifically. Lunges are an easy and effective way to exercise your legs whether at home or at the gym!


Check out the benefits of home body weight exercises at: https://dailyfitboost.com/non-weight-exercises-calisthenics/

Glycemic Index (What Is It?)

“Glycemic Index (What Is It?)” simplifies the GI Scale in a easy to understand way. One of the main uses of the Glycemic Index scale is to figure out which foods will increase our blood sugar the most. Today’s video “Glycemic Index (What Is It?)” covers why the GI scale is important for diabetics, plus examples on how this Glycemic Index can be used towards your daily energy and fitness goals!

Check out a GI Chart here! (click on the image to zoom-in): https://i.redd.it/j8c0f4j5lhi01.jpg

Monday Boost Quote: “Natural Medicine!” (#28)

Having been raised in a medical family, I’m well aware of how poor and unbalanced diets can lead to various diseases and cancers. And although adding a couple of fruits and veggies to our daily diets isn’t guaranteed to be the “end all, be all” to a disease – it’s certainly a great place to start. As we begin looking at natural food sources as “natural medicine”, we start realizing that our bodies are made to function a certain way.


DAILY FIT CHALLENGE!: Start today by picking just ONE fruit or veggie that you enjoy and add it to what you normally eat each day (See! Who says you can’t enjoy a cookie AND an apple 🙂 )!


Personally I enjoy my fruits and veggies through the form of a smoothie as shown above, but regardless, the key takeaway for today’s Monday Boost is balance and moderation! So let’s take our natural medicine NOW so we can avoid prescription medicine later!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Natural foods are another form of medicine
  • Practice balance and moderation by adding one piece of fruit or veggie to your regular meals

Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Sean Carroll (Episode #28)

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This Episode is especially for you if you:

  • have a heart for youth fitness and athletics,
  • want to stay fit with a busy schedule,
  • have had setbacks in life,
  • need better consistency



A SPECIAL THANKS: To Sean for coming on sharing how consistent fitness has impacted his life, and the impact it’s had on those around him!