“Different Equipment, Different Goals”: Weight Lift Machines (#22)

Weight lift Machines: “Recommended for the Beginner”


Ah, the lovely weight lift machines.


Back when I did personal training at the gym I would always start new clients off with weight lift machines for a few good reasons. For one, weight lift machines are the easiest to use due to their controlled design. Not only does this helps minimize injury, but it also eliminates the likelihood of improper lifting form.


Another thing I appreciate about weight lift machines is that they usually carry visuals on the targeted body muscle group, as well as instructions on how to properly operate them. I’ve had clients in the past who’ve shared how they felt self-conscious about looking “silly” in front of people because they didn’t know what to do. The good thing about using these machines when starting off is that everything is set up for you to look like a gym pro right away!


Try starting with these! Here are five of the most common weight machines that you’ll find at just about any gym:


  • Bicep curl machine


  • Chest fly machine

  • Triceps press machine

  • Back row machine

  • Leg press machine


Key Takeaways:


  • are ideal for beginners
  • easily lets you know which muscle group you’re activating
  • enables the gym novice to look good right away when first starting out

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