Monday Boost Quote: “Natural Medicine!” (#28)

Having been raised in a medical family, I’m well aware of how poor and unbalanced diets can lead to various diseases and cancers. And although adding a couple of fruits and veggies to our daily diets isn’t guaranteed to be the “end all, be all” to a disease – it’s certainly a great place to start. As we begin looking at natural food sources as “natural medicine”, we start realizing that our bodies are made to function a certain way.


DAILY FIT CHALLENGE!: Start today by picking just ONE fruit or veggie that you enjoy and add it to what you normally eat each day (See! Who says you can’t enjoy a cookie AND an apple 🙂 )!


Personally I enjoy my fruits and veggies through the form of a smoothie as shown above, but regardless, the key takeaway for today’s Monday Boost is balance and moderation! So let’s take our natural medicine NOW so we can avoid prescription medicine later!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Natural foods are another form of medicine
  • Practice balance and moderation by adding one piece of fruit or veggie to your regular meals

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