New Routine (#12)

Man bored at gym.

When I first started out at the gym my main focus was figuring out where to start. However, it wasn’t long before I noticed myself doing the same routine exercises. I needed a new routine to not only grow, but to also make my exercise more enjoyable. As it turns out:


Being stuck in an old routine prevents you from trying anything new.


Our brains function off habits which is why we have no problem adapting to routines. The downside to this, however, is that doing the same exercises ultimately decrease the effectiveness of our workouts.


Therefore, the more you switch things up, the more effective your workout becomes


For instance, performing multiple styles of biceps curls will develop your arms better than any one exercise. In the same way, using different cardio equipment forces your body to work in various ways to effectively burn calories.


FIT BOOST CHALLENGE: Developing a diverse “Exercise Library” is a great way to keep your new routine effective and fun! Each week try to incorporate one new exercise or machine that you’re not familiar with. The goal is to build confidence by trying whatever is new to you. BONUS: This is also a great opportunity for you to journal your progress along the way.


As you become “comfortable with the unknown” you’ll soon notice how much fun your gym experience can be!


Key Takeaways:

  • Being stuck in an old routine prevents you from trying anything new
  • Switch up from your normal exercises for a more effective workout
  • Learning new exercises increases confidence

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