Standing Hip Flexors Stretch

Standing Hip Flexors Stretch is an easy way for you to stretch and release your tight hip flexors at home while standing. All that’s needed is a chair next to wall! The great thing about this standing hip flexors stretch is that you get a deep of a stretch as you need virtually anywhere. Today’s video will teach you how to confidently and safely stretch your hip flexors, particularly if you sit down at your job a lot.

How To Do Deadlifts At Home Without Weights

How To Do Deadlifts At Home Without Weights is one of the best home exercises that you can do to help strengthen your back. Learning how to do deadlifts at home without weights also builds a solid foundation for doing weighted deadlifts at the gym. Today’s beginner base video goes over proper technique and form to which allows you to do these deadlifts with minimal strain on your lower back.


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Forward Head Posture Fix

Forward Head Posture Fix goes over what causes a forward head posture and how to fix it. This forward head posture fix only requires a wall and is essential for jobs such as desk workers or truck drivers. Release chronic tension off your cervical spine with this simple forward head posture fix!


Here’s how you can strengthen your rotator cuff muscles at the gym!: