The Power of Your Imagination (#18)

Man Sitting and Thinking

As kids, we often imagine ourselves as our favorite comic book heroes, athletes  and action figures. Boys dream about being “Like Mike” shooting hoops. Girls fantasize about having the “dream guy” from classic Rom-Coms. However, somewhere along the line we stopped using these imaginations as we entered into “the real world” of adulthood.


But what if we can use our imagination to boost our workouts?


Whenever I find myself in a workout “funk” (which is more often than you think), I like to take the focus off my apathetic mood and onto something more invigorating.


Simply put: If my mindset isn’t engaged and focused, why not transform my mind into someone who is? 


For instance, if I’m feeling “tired and disinterested” during my workout, I’d be much more effective envisioning myself in the shoes of an Army Commander preparing his troops for battle. Such a mindset helps keep the focus on the “task at hand” (rather than how we feel at the moment).


Think about it. Would you rather constantly stare at how much time is left on the treadmill, or block out all distractions and imagine yourself running on an indefinite cross-country journey like Forrest Gump?


Staying motivated is a challenge we all face throughout our workout journeys. Our minds easily get distracted with things like how we feel, who’s watching us at the gym, and how our day went.


One key benefit of using our imagination is that it keeps us engaged in our workouts while allowing our minds to drift. This strategy is particularly effective with overcoming self-conscious fear myths.


With consistent exercise you’ll inevitably face mental hurdles from time to time. This is why I try to equip you with as many mental strategies as possible. Learning how to overcome these mental hurdles is another step forward in becoming the strongest version of yourself.


Key Takeaways:

  • Transform an apathetic mindset into an engaged one
  • Tapping into your imagination during exercise is a great way to overcome mental hurdles when you need that extra “boost”
  • Using our imagination keeps us engaged in our workouts while allowing our minds to drift

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